Fall Tune Up: How to give your career a boost

By Colleen Clarke

Fall Tune Up: How to give your career a boost At my gym this morning there was a sign posted that suggested we step out of our comfort zone today and do an extra few push ups or extra reps, to stretch a little, to give’er! So I did. I was proud of myself. Which got me to thinking that for some people September is a time of new beginnings while for others it is January. I think it depends on how long you’ve been out of school. Either way, September is an excellent time to hunker down and get motivated to make some changes in your work or work search life.

Getting back into the groove after an amazing summer is a challenge and when you do it is often with the same old methods and behaviours you used last year, last spring. This fall I encourage you to take a few moments, maybe right after you read this article for instance, to devise a couple of new strategies to move yourself forward professionally.

To start with, analyze what you have been doing to date that is demotivating and boring. They say, whoever they is, that if you think your life is boring, YOU are boring. If you want things to change you have to change your behaviour and your way of thinking. So what could you do to liven up your existence and move your career forward more readily?

I just bought myself a flying lesson. Talk about seeing the world through a different lens, from a different perspective. Flying 1800 feet above Toronto made me see the city, my environment, from the big picture rather as the day to day perspective in which I live every day, down on the street, which can bog you down.

Whether you are in work search mode or gainfully employed, get out from behind your computer and meet new people. There are very interesting and stimulating Meet Up groups in every city in Canada, find one that interests you and attend one of their events. If none appeal to you, start one yourself. Or, get involved in a cause. Elections are coming up this fall, get behind a candidate or raise money for Pakistan relief, broaden your network and your brain power.

Put together a Master Mind group of people whom you respect. Provide some eats and ask everyone to bring a burning issue they would like to discuss or build on. Ask each person you invite to bring someone you haven’t met before.

Volunteer once, weekly or monthly at a venue or event in which you know little about. Creativity needs light, water and rich soil in which to germinate and grow, give your present environment a bit of a shake up.

Dig up waning or near-death projects and try to blow new life into them – you never know, there may be different people running the show this fall who are more receptive to your brilliant ideas.

The theory that people take more time to plan their holidays than they do their career paths is pretty pathetic. Be an anomaly and take some time to make yourself proud of uncovering new perspectives and new results.

Colleen Clarke
Author of: Networking How To Build Relationships That Count and How to Get a Job and Keep It

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