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Job search blunders, bloopers and bungles

Looking for a job can be stressful work. You’re constantly writing and revising your resume and cover letters, calling strangers or waiting for the phone to ring. Just a little carelessness during this period can hurt your chances of success. HR experts share some of the unintentionally humorous slip-ups they’ve seen.

Job interview while pregnant

After years of trying, one Workopolis user finally gets an interview for her dream job. The trouble is, she’s pregnant when the call comes in. Career expert Colleen Clarke has some advice on how to handle the situation.

How to negotiate a better salary

Salary negotiations are the trickiest part of the deal. Push too hard and you can build resentment that can undermine your success. Hold back and you’re the one feeling resentful. So, how can you get what you truly deserve?

Why you need a career sponsor

A new report finds that many people (especially women) think that moving up through connections is a dirty tactic and that they should be relying on plain old hard work to get ahead. It turns out that this ‘absence of male advocacy’ is holding them back.

Time to quit

Last week, Jenna wrote about the dangers of quitting your job too early. So, how can you tell when it really is time to go? This week she points out some signs to watch for and gets some expert advice on the best reasons for leaving a job.

The mystery of the disappearing job offer

There is no offer until there is a written offer. Sometimes what seems like a ’sure thing’ after the job interview mysteriously just doesn’t pan out. Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Protect your personal information

Con artists sometimes try to impersonate legitimate companies to gain valuable information from unsuspecting victims. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Plastic surgery to get the job

A new trend is seeing more and more candidates going under the knife to improve their chances in the interview room. Is having cosmetic surgery to alter your appearance really the answer to landing the job?

How Women Sabotage Their Careers

Some key female traits are frequently under-valued in a corporate setting, and many women make a series of career-sabotaging moves that can further undermine their influence. Find out what some of them are.


When networking doesn’t work

By Marina Gapeenkova
When networking doesn

Are you worried that, supposedly, 80% of jobs are not advertised and you don’t know how to tap into that hidden job market? Well, it turns out that networking isn’t always the ticket to employment that many people say it is. The best strategies?