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Workplace monitoring: Who's watching you work?

How much privacy you can or should be able to expect in the workplace is a fairly hot button issue lately, as employers are making use of technologies that allow them to monitor computer use, emails exchanges and much more.

Illustrating the benefits of a national Work From Home Day

A graphic look at how if one million Canadians worked from home just the one day a year, it would have the same environmental impact as planting 10 million trees.

The top five issues for employers?

This list is of issues to come across the desks of employers demonstrates that while some things remain constant (misconduct and absenteeism are perennial concerns), modern technology has created some new challenges. The top five workplace issues for employers?

The skinny on weight @ work

Several new studies reveal that the salaries of men and women are affected very differently by how much they weigh. Find out just how many decisions are being made based to a great extent on people’s weight and body type.

How to get a foot in the door

Landing an interview means creating an impression interesting enough to intrigue people into wanting to talk to you in person, but how can you do this with someone you have never met before?

The three things that make a good leader

Leadership is both talent and a skill, and there are some simple ways to evolve yourself as a leader. Find out how to improve your skills whether you’ve just been promoted or you’ve been leading the team for years.

'Flirt your way to the top' advice sparks outrage

A recent article in the “Forbes Woman” section of Forbes magazine suggesting how women should use their ‘greater assets’ and flirt their way to the top in business has sparked a heated debate.

Dealing with 'Bosszilla'

Colleen lists some of the bad boss horror stories she’s heard in her years as a career columnist and advisor, and she offers up some survival tips for working with a ‘Bosszilla.’ Find our when you can make it work, and when it’s time to flee.

15 benefits of working from home

We reached out to employee engagement expert David Zinger about our National Work From Home Day initiative. He quickly offered up what he sees as some of the key benefits of teleworking.


Don’t drink at the job interview

By Elizabeth Bromstein
Lay off the booze at the interview

Researchers have found that you should lay off the booze at a job interview dinner. Even employers who have a glass of wine themselves form an “Imbibing Idiot Bias” against potential candidates who drink.