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Reference Checking: How much do you really need to know?

Reference checks are getting harder and harder to validate due to the privacy laws in Canada and the fact that many companies now have an HR policy that only allows for job validation, not reference checking. How can you get the information you need to make the right hire?


Giving Feedback to Gen Yers

By Colleen Clarke
Giving Feedback to Gen Yers

It has been said that different generations prefer feedback to be delivered in different ways, though everyone needs and welcomes feedback of some kind or another. Dr Karen Gordon works with Gen Yers and they shared their preferences for receiving feedback with her.

Signs border guards look for to spot deception

Ex-policewoman Donna Brown teaches border guards and investigators how to determine whether someone is using deception while answering tough questions. The same methods work for reading candidates in job interviews too. What are the give-aways?

What to look for when interviewing candidates

Colleen Clarke offers expert advice on how to interview candidates, what to watch out for and how to find what you’re really looking for in a new hire. See past the resume and your first impressions.

The top five issues for employers?

This list is of issues to come across the desks of employers demonstrates that while some things remain constant (misconduct and absenteeism are perennial concerns), modern technology has created some new challenges. The top five workplace issues for employers?

The three things that make a good leader

Leadership is both talent and a skill, and there are some simple ways to evolve yourself as a leader. Find out how to improve your skills whether you’ve just been promoted or you’ve been leading the team for years.