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Constructive dismissal?

Leaving your job and claiming constructive dismissal when your work situation changes for the worse can be a risky move. Recent court cases shed some light on how much diminishment of their role employees must accept.

Terminated While On Probation

One Workopolis user wants to know if he is entitled to a severance payment after being let go from a new job while still in the probationary period. Employment lawyer, Norman Grosman has the answer.


It is important for employers to have clear Internet usage policies in place and for employees to understand the consequences of violating those policies. (As one supervisor finds out when his pornography viewing habits land him in court.)


Change in a workplace is a constant. At what point do changes to your employment situation become severe enough that you actually have a case to be made in court that your employer in constructively dismissing you?

Workplace surveillance

One woman quits her job after visiting her supervisor’s office and discovering a live video feed of her own workspace on display. Will the courts agree that this invasion of privacy was a justifiable reason for walking out?


It isn’t easy for a company to terminate a loyal employee of twenty-two years of service, but in this cautionary tale a senior employee’s sexual misconduct combined with repeatedly lying about it lands him in hot water.


If you’re sure that you have lost your job for the wrong reasons, but the courts have rejected your wrongful dismissal suit against your former employer, is there anything you can do about it? Our employment lawyer has the answers.


Terminated for incompetence

By Norman Grosman
Fired for incompetence

Employers can let people go without any severence pay at all, if there is a case to be made that the employee in questions was completely incompetent at their job. How easy is it to terminate someone like this, and what are the rules? Find out.