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Career-Limiting Moves

Could poor communication skills and annoying behaviour be limiting your employment sustainability? Career experts weigh in on some of the most common career-limiting moves (CLMs) that they witness time and again.

Five ways working from home could save your life

Jenna’s dream job is one that would include a flexible schedule. In order to help land this great gig in the sky, she makes the case that working from home, even one day a year, could actually help save your life. Does work/life balance increase your longevity?

Ozzy Osbourne

If you want a career that spans decades and never gets stale or boring, you only have to look to rock stars like Steven Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne and Slash for inspiration. Find out how to create your own personal brand for success.

Extroverts versus introverts at work

A workplace usually has a wide range of personalities, so what happens when extremes collide? There are no greater opposites than the introvert and extrovert. Can these two character types successfully coexist?


Giving Feedback to Gen Yers

By Colleen Clarke
Giving Feedback to Gen Yers

It has been said that different generations prefer feedback to be delivered in different ways, though everyone needs and welcomes feedback of some kind or another. Dr Karen Gordon works with Gen Yers and they shared their preferences for receiving feedback with her.


The best and the worst jobs for 2011

By Elizabeth Bromstein
The best and the worst jobs for 2011

Thinking of a career change? Or just want to know where your job fits in on the scale of best and worst jobs? A new list counts down 200 career options for 2011. Who has the worst job in the world?

When photos are taken, they are meant to be viewed

Your private life just got a little less private. A judge has made a ruling that could set a rather disturbing precedent regarding the privacy of photos and what can be shared on the Internet.

Plastic surgery to get the job

A new trend is seeing more and more candidates going under the knife to improve their chances in the interview room. Is having cosmetic surgery to alter your appearance really the answer to landing the job?


How to hinder your manager

By Colleen Clarke
How to Hinder Your Manager

If you don’t have much experience supervising people, you might be unaware of some of the behaviours that hinder rather than help your boss. Check out the top five counter-productive work habits some employees fall into.

So you're thinking about going freelance

Freelance writer Elizabeth Bromstein looks at the growing trend of people working freelance or contract positions and draws on her years of experience being self-employed to offer some advice for those thinking about striking it out on their own.