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Overwhelming support for Work From Home Day

Press release: A new study reveals overwhelming support for the national Work From Home Day campaign that was kick-started by Workopolis on Facebook in May 2010.


The best and the worst jobs for 2011

By Elizabeth Bromstein
The best and the worst jobs for 2011

Thinking of a career change? Or just want to know where your job fits in on the scale of best and worst jobs? A new list counts down 200 career options for 2011. Who has the worst job in the world?

When photos are taken, they are meant to be viewed

Your private life just got a little less private. A judge has made a ruling that could set a rather disturbing precedent regarding the privacy of photos and what can be shared on the Internet.

Protect your personal information

Con artists sometimes try to impersonate legitimate companies to gain valuable information from unsuspecting victims. Here’s how to protect yourself.

National Work from Home Day Canada

Canadians want an officially recognized day on the calendar to work from home. What started out as a Facebook conversation has drawn the support of thousands to the cause of establishing telecommuting as a part of our national workplace culture. Should it become law?

Working From Home

Should Canada have a national Work From Home Day? A discussion broke out recently on our Facebook page about the benefits of working from home. There was some debate as to whether ‘working from home’ wasn’t just code word for ‘taking a day off.’ Can having the flexibility to work remotely help or harm your career?

Successful Young Man

The job market is changing, and the ways that employers and candidates find one another are changing. In honour of all of this evolution, we’ve come up with the top five new rules for recruiters to find candidates and the top five rules for candidates on the job hunt.